Southern Cone Pelagic Cruise

A 12 days pelagic adventure around Cape Horn, from Chile to Argentina

13 days / 12 nights

Superb pelagic birding on the South Pacific and South Atlantic oceans.

Day trips during landings at Puerto Montt, Punta Arenas, Ushuaia, Puerto Madryn and Montevideo.

Expect: 30 species of tubenoses and 30 more species of other seabirds, good accommodation, warm to cold climate.

Fixed departure on the best seawatching season.

Can be combined with a Pre-tour in Santiago de Chile and a Post-tour in Buenos Aires.

Have you ever dreamed to do a several days pelagic trip along the Humboldt current and to travel to mythic places like Cape Horn, Beagle channel, Magellan Straight or Falkland/Malvinas Islands? If you did so, this trip is for you: we will sail between Valparaiso (Chile) and Buenos-Aires (Argentina), spending 6 full days at sea and the rest of our time birding wonderful areas like Nothofagus forest near Puerto-Montt, the Patagonian steppe around Punta Arenas, Penguins rookeries, or huge Elephant Seal colony at Valdes Peninsula. The seawatching will be amazing and you can expect more than 35 species of tubenoses, 6 species of penguins, 3 species of Diving-Petrels, and many more!

During our landings, we will spend our time looking for the best specialities: Black-throated Huet-huet and Slender-billed Parakeet around Puerto-Montt, Magellanic Plover near Punta Arenas, Magellanic Woodpecker at Ushuaia, King Penguin, Brown Skua and Ruddy-headed Goose on the Falkland, or Rusty-backed Monjita and Elegant Crested-Tinamou on the Valdes Peninsula. We will use a cruise ship, very comfortable and stable, and so travelling in the best condition one could expect for such a trip. Scopes can be safely used for seawatching. This trip offers the best seabirding experience in South America, and probably one of the best in the World!

Don’t miss it!

Departure details

Next departure TBA
Chile / Argentina
Valparaiso / Buenos Aires
  • Day 0
    Valparaiso: Board the ship between 13:00 and 17:00 - Set sail at 18:00.
  • Day 1
    Pelagic birding offshore as we sail south towards Puerto Montt.
  • Day 2
    Full day birding Nothofagus forest south of Puerto Montt
  • Day 3
    Full day at sea - Navigation close to Guafo island, breeding site for Sooty Shearwater.
  • Day 4
    Chilean fjords and channels - Amalia Glacier - Afternoon at sea.
  • Day 5
    Full day around Punta Arenas, birding steppe and coastal habitats.
  • Day 6
    At sea in the morning and Ushuaia in the afternoon.
  • Day 7
    Cape Horn in the morning and sailing to Falkland/Malvinas islands in the afternoon.
  • Day 8
    Falkland/Malvinas islands - Day trip birding from Port Stanley/Puerto Argentino
  • Day 9
    Full day at sea sailing into the Sough Atlantic.
  • Day 10
    Full day around Puerto Madryn birding the Valdes Peninsular.
  • Day 11
    Last day at sea, sailing towards Montevideo.
  • Day 12
    Full day at Montevideo.
  • Day 13
    05:00 Arrive at Buenos Aires.

  • This tour can be combined with a Pre-tour in Santiago de Chile and a Post-tour in Buenos Aires.

  • (The sites described and itinerary can change slightly. Contact us for complete details, or for customizing this tour)