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About us


Since 1991, we have been leading and organizing trips throughout the area we know best: Southern South America.

We are specialists in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Antarctica. Our tours are designed towards Birding / Birdwatching, Butterflies & Moths, Botany, Wildlife, Nature Photography and Local Culture

Here you will find more information on our team, the orientation of our tours, as well as what other customers have to say about us.

Hundreds of nature enthusiasts, highly reputed tour companies and prestigious NGOs in the World place their trust in our services every year. Together, we have developed a permanent commitment to fulfilling our clients’ expectations and, with great pride we welcome you to our website.


Our Story

All the directors and tour leaders of Seriema Nature Tours are nature lovers with a vast experience in tourism and a strong responsibility towards conservation. Most of us are born and raised in South America, an amazing continent with amazing wildlife and people. A world class destination we have intensively traveled, all our lives.

Twenty years ago we dreamt of organizing wildlife tours in this exceptional part of the world. In 1991, we set down our foundations within Aves Argentinas, the local partner of BirdLife International, one of the world’s leading Conservation NGOs. Our field experience allowed us to organize nature trips to every corner of Argentina. Gradually our horizons widened to include other Neotropical countries as travelers from all over the world requested our services.

Presently we offer tours specialized in birds, botany, mammals, butterflies, photography and natural history to 18-plus destinations, in 5 countries of South America and Antarctic.


Our Outfit

We integrate a network of travel companies with offices and representatives in every country of our area of operation. We specialize in nature tours and are fully geared for setting up tours aimed at birds, butterflies, botany, wildlife, nature photography, local culture and all related subjects



Our Region


Southern South America is a Neotropical paradise home to 1800 species of birds, 500 species of mammals, a rich flora and a great diversity of reptiles, amphibians and insects. A rich cultural heritage accompanies this biological diversity.

We restrict our operation to the areas we live in and have thoroughly explored. The southern cone has hundreds of places of biological importance which we have come to know intimately over 25 years of exploration. Constant visits to every site result in continuous new discoveries as to the whereabouts of the rarer or localized species and potential new areas.

Our Region

Our Programs

Each tour is carefully planned and updated using our own most valuable field information. All the programs on this website have been thoroughly written up and tested by us beforehand. They are the result of hundreds of hours in the field and permanent feedback from the tour leaders, who are in direct contact with the exact nature of every destination. We only visit the very best areas and include well-known sites as well as others off-the-beaten track. This information enables us to constantly update our programs. Most important, our proposals are timed to coincide with the best season for each planned activity. Nevertheless, we are also open to customize every program to suit the needs of our clients.


Our Tour Leaders


All the company’s tour leaders enjoy a high reputation earned over years of experience and the acquisition of a large technical know-how. They also possess friendly personalities, the patience and expertise to show clients what they want to see, while conducting both a professional and efficient leadership. All are residents of South America and live in the areas where they lead our tours; which allows for a broad understanding of the natural world which surrounds them. All are specialists (birds, butterflies, botany, wildlife, culture, etc) and their knowledge covers more than one field. All speak fluent Spanish (fundamental for travel in South America) and have a good command of English and often another language as well.

You can read about their backgrounds in the Tour Leaders section.

Our Region

Our office


Dedicated and professional, our operations’ staff is expert in logistics aimed at ensuring a trouble free tour. We trust in their efficiency to back us up when we are in the field, to promptly answer your enquiries, make reservations, keep you up to date with precise tour information and advice on everything you need for your tour.
We have on site offices and representatives in every key destination. Our main office is open every day of the week from 9 to 17 (local time GMT -3).

Our Region

Locally established

Our excellent relationship with the local community is another key factor for the successful running of our trips. Over the years we have developed a close relationship with the local inhabitants of all the areas we visit. We are trusted by the landowners of the areas we explore, and often provide work for the locals, understanding that tourism is one of the best guarantees for long term habitat conservation.


Our commitment to conservation

We took our first steps as part of one of the leading conservation organizations in South America, the Ornithological Association of Argentina (Aves Argentinas/BirdLife). Today we continue to support this institution and other NGOs towards fulfilling their aims by helping them with their various projects. As you will notice in the partners’ résumés, all the tour leaders and guides are active in the field of nature conservation  and firmly believe that sustainable tourism is only possible where business benefits the environment. More information on this can be found in the News and events and Articles published and press sections of this web page.


Featured Tours

Northwest Argentina

Departures anytime from January to December
image Birding the diversity of the Andes
13 days / 12 nights

Southern Argentina Part I

Departures Anytime from October to March
image Pampas and Northern Patagonia
9 days / 8 nights

Southern Argentina Part II

Departures Anytime from October to March
image Southern Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego
8 days / 7 nights

Bolivian Highlights

Departures Anytime from April to October
image A birding trip from Santa Cruz to La Paz
14 days / 13 nights

Southern Cone Pelagic Cruise

Next departure TBA
image A 12 days pelagic adventure around Cape Horn, from Chile to Argentina
13 days / 12 nights

Northeast Argentina

Departures anytime from January to December
image A Birding journey from Buenos Aires to IguazĂș
13 days / 12 nights
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