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Seriema Nature Tours

Why choose us

  • We LIVE in and cater for several of the world’s nature paradises: Argentina, Antarctica, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay & Bolivia.
  • Our EXPERIENCE organizing trips for birders and naturalists since 1991.
  • Our team of professional local GUIDES, specializing in birds, butterflies, botany, wildlife and culture (go to Tour Leaders).
  • Our vast field KNOWLEDGE on where to find the rarest birds and spectacular wildlife covers a wide variety of destinations.
  • We go to the very BEST SITES, on itineraries carefully planned after intensive scouting and regular visits.
  • Trouble free LOGISTICS: High quality vehicles, excellent food and multiple choices of accommodation.
  • FLEXIBILITY: You can customize any tour to suit your needs.
  • Detailed pre-tour INFORMATION: Wildlife checklists, travel essentials, recommended reading, etc.
  • Fully established as TRAVEL OPERATORS, registered and authorized by the National Tourism Office.
  • RESPONSIBLE tourism and CONSERVATION commitment: see what we are currently doing to help protect our environment.